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Web Design


This course is designed to teach students how to create online content using Web 2.0 technologies, while helping Aptos High School & Aptos Community leaders publicize the work their group(s) are completing.

Web Design consists of project-based course work, which will be published to web pages; mainly on the school site. Students will propose projects which will require them to correspond through email with community members, school staff, and students; then make appointments to interview individuals in the AHS community and receive feedback regarding proposed web page edits.

Web Design has three main project pathways:


Software Purpose Student Showcase


Image Manipulation

GIMP 2014

GIMP 2015

GIMP 2016



Promotional Videos AHS Web Design YouTube Channel
Khan Academy
HTML/CSS/jQuery/Javascript Coding Coded Web Pages
(These pages were built entirely through coding!) 


NOTE: As a project-based course, Web Design will change focus depending upon student interest(s) and school need(s).

What Is Web Design?