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Digital Design & Innovation


Digital Design & Innovation is heavily influenced by the Maker Movement & more specifically, the Maker Education Movement.

AHS DDI built upon the curriculum originally created by the MakersFactory of Santa Cruz.

DDI class is designed to be a feeder program for Digital Nest, located just off the Watsonville Plaza, as well as the Cabrillo College Maker Space currently under construction.

Students are provided with FREE, Open-Source, cutting-edge technologies in order to allow them to create original works whether at school or at home.

The DDI Curriculum currently includes the mastery of:

Software Purpose Student Showcase
Inkscape Graphic Design &
Razor Cutting

2D Vector Design '14
2D Vector Design '15
2D Vector Design '16

Blender 3D Modeling 3D Modeling '14
3D Modeling '15
3D Modeling '16
Blender Animating Shorts

3D Animation '15

3D Animation '16

GameMaker RPG Game Creation

Game Design '15

Game Design '16

Game Design '17
Downloadable & Playable
.exe files

PyCharm IDE Python Coding

Python Games '14-'17
To Play One Of The PC Games, 
First Install Python 2.X.X

Python Turtles '15

Why Take DDI Class?