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2020- 2021 ASB/Student Government Class —Team Captains

School Board Reps: Mia Archuleta, Chloe Chaussee, Jackson Miller, Alex Espetia

Site Council Reps: Jackson Miller and E Evans

Class Managers:

  • Jackson Miller
  • Estephanie Flores

Sound & Spirit Commissioner: Jimmy Glassman

Outreach Commissioner: Isabella Camargo

Activities Commissioner: Rowan Bowyer

Athletics Commissioner: Ben Meltzer

Communications Commissioners: Emma Lane & Sofia Cunha

Clubs Council Commissioner: Frida Monroy


ASB / Activities

Mission Statement: As the Associated Student Body, we provide leadership and strive to create a high school environment in which all students feel well-represented and unified. We work toward achieving a safe, brave, positive, and spirited atmosphere that makes students proud to be Mariners. Overall, our purpose is to support and serve all students and staff of the Aptos High Community. We educate ourselves to be better leaders so that we can empower AHS students to lead along with us.

2021 school far

ASB Wellbeing center

Check out ASB's WellBeing Center HERE.

Class Officers

ASB Executive Council

  • President: Chloe Chaussee
  • Vice President: Ruby Price
  • Secretary: Alex Espetia
  • Treasurer: Mia Archuleta

Class of 2022

  • President: Diana Escobar
  • Vice President: Estephanie Flores
  • Treasurer: Sam Bermio
  • Secretary: Isabella Camargo

Class of 2023

  • President: Diana Luis
  • Vice President:  Jackson Miller
  • Secretary: Emma Lane
  • Treasurer: Sofia Cunha

Class of 2024

  • President: Leyla Martinez
  • Vice President: Vivian Macias
  • Treasurer: Ceci Garcia
  • Secretary: Ashley Matys

Class of 2025

  • President: Ava Banuelos
  • Vice President: Leo Nelson
  • Representative: Berkeley Ashby


  Shuntelle Emanuel (831) 728-7832 ex: 5261 Activities Director/ ASB Leadership Teacher