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Anime Watchers, Unite!


Do you like Anime? Do you enjoy learning about the ins and outs of this Japanese art form we all know and love? Do you want to have a fun, accepting group of fellow nerds to hang out with, have fun with, laugh with, and make jokes with after school? Do you not even know what anime is and have a desire to find out??

Well then, Anime Club is the club for you!

Meeting after school on Wednesdays in D-200, there is no better place to get your Anime fix! In Anime club, we sample Anime of all different styles and genres to explore what it's all about, we play games, we learn about the ins and outs of the phenomena, we talk about not only Anime but other pieces of popular culture, and, most importantly, we make jokes and lots and lots of memes!!


If you are interested in Anime or any kind of pop culture, then come on down to Anime Club!

Anime Club Aptos High


After School




President: Allison Goetz

Vice President: James McAllister

Secretary: Eric Rodriguez

Treasurer: Corizma Gonzalez

Anime Club Needs Anime!!