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50's slide show



Tai Li Harrill (AHS class of 2015)

Christie Frush

Catherine Newcomb


Bill Nestler

Rudy Hoffman

Richard Porter

Kaitlyn Black (AHS class of 2013)

Richard Stanton


Dan Young (AHS parents of Bailee 199- , name 199- , and Hunter 200-)

Rick Van Stolk

Kiley Black (AHS class of 2013)

French Horn

Merrie Ann Turner


Gail Black (AHS Parent, 2013)

Amanda Hudson (AHS class or 2015)


Jane Daugherty (AHS Parent of Leah, 2012)

Tera Manjunath Rous


Christopher Charman (AHS class of 1987)


Michael Daugherty (AHS Parent of Leah, 2012)



Guys & Dolls - Spring '13

Guys & Dolls PDF


Director/Producer/Costume & Scenic Design/Vocal Coach

Stacy Aronovici

Technical Director

D Parr

Orchestra Conductor

Terrel Eaton


Kara Jonsson & Marikin Ziegler 


Technical Crew

Becky Cassar- Tech Crew/Scenic Painting

Carrie Cochran- Stage Manager, Scenic Painting

Heather Ebeling- Front of House Management

Lizzie Gervais- Tech Crew

Alina Goodman- Properties Manager, Production Stage Manager/Scenic Paint Charge

Dalton Haines-Scrodin- Sound Assistant, Crew

Courtney Laschkewitsch- Tech Crew

Jeremy Locatelli- Sound Board Engineer

Brianna Martin- Properties Manager/Scenic Paint Charge

Johnny Mullin- Spot Light Operator/Assistant TD

TJ Von Schmacht- Light Board Operator

Caleb Wildman- Deck Crew Stage Manager

Mikaela Reed- Microphone Wrangler

Lighting Design

Kelly Welty

Hair & Make-up Design

Hayley Irvin, Brittany Kyle, Alice Long & McKenzie Phelps

Costume Research/Committee

Alina Goodman, Hayley Irvin, Kara Jonsson, Brittany Kyle, Courtney Laschkewitsch, Samantha Garrison, Alice Long, McKenzie, Phelps & Jessica Pierini 

Hot Box Girls Costume Sewing

Diane Goena & Kim Pierini

Rehearsal Accompanist

David Larstein

Archival Photography

Marie Markoff & Ms. Aronovici

Program & Publicity

Ms. Aronovici & Autumn Knapp

Front of House/Parent Volunteer Coordinator

Laurie Welty


Main Characters

Nicely Nicely Johnson- Jacob Baker

Benny Southstreet- Richard Garrett

Harry the Horse- Josh Westgate

Nathan Detroit- Matt Myers

Sky Masterson- Jordan Pierini

Sarah Brown- Maddy Welty

Miss Adelaide- Kara Jonsson

Big Jule- Diego Cantu-Gil

Rusty Charlie- Josh Westgate

Angie the Ox- Daniel Mitchner

LT. Branigan- Stephen Johnson

Arvide Abernthy- Tim Bonanno

The General- Lexie Farr

Salvation Army Chorus and Band

Agatha- Maddy Dufek

Martha- Becky Cassar

Calvin- Tommy Woodward

Jonathan Baker, Serena Calcagno, Karianna Crowder, Alison Hoffman, Kira Arias-LaRheir

Hot Box Girls

Maria Abrego, Ana Goena, LaMaya Gross Autumn Knapp, Maddy Mouw, Jessica Pierini, Mikaela Reed, Marikin Ziegler


Christian Beserra, Courtney Laschkewitsch, Pilar Pozo, Sam Robertson, Gregorio Rodriguez, Dakota Tittle, Greg Wilkinson


Samantha Garrison, Lizzie Gervais, Hayley Irvin, Brittney Kyle, Alice Long, McKenzie Phelps