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Home and Hospital

Aptos High School

Home and Hospital

Policy and Process


1. Intake meeting with parents, Guidance Counselor, Health Service Assistant and Assistant Principal (s), Case Carrier

  1. Review documentation from physicians; discuss the current diagnosis, projected time span of absence and how great a workload the student can handle vis-à-vis the diagnosis.
  2. Discuss academic logistics such as course load, grading, coursework, support materials, and the role of Home and Hospital instructor.
  3. Agree on a plan that best meets the needs of the student and the circumstances

i. Plan may include all or some of the following resources:

            a. School Loop access for course assignments,

            b. The use of E2020 curriculum.

            c. Independent Study enrollment in Pacific Coast Charter.

ii. Plan may include full-time or part-time enrollment (e.g. Six classes or less depending on the nature of the illness.

iii. Plan may include enrollment in some classes (following HS course curriculum) and enrollment in E2020 for some classes.

2. Suspend (Freeze) students grades starting the day her /she enters Home and Hospital and or previous days missed from illness, doctors appointments and or beginning diagnosis (as indicated by the documentation).

Please set up a Custom Grade Code in your Gradebook

for Home & Hospital as

HH to equal excused.

Aptos High Custom Codes

A.   Confirm that from the identified date on a students grade and therefore credit for the course will be determined by his or her ability to demonstrate understanding of the content and or standards on summative assessments.

B.   Daily course work will be used as preparation material only and will not be factored into the students grade unless the student and the instructor determine that specific assignments could benefit the student and support their academic progress.

3. Provide services to student

4. Reentry meeting (Same stakeholders as Intake meeting)

  1. Review students progress
  2. Review students current grades
  3. Set time/ discuss schedule for assessments and make-up assessments.
  4. Review current schedule
    1. May include completing E2020 coursework in after school Extended Learning or Summer School.
  5. Set plan for academic review and support
  6. Agree upon a review date to monitor progress