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Second Harvest Food Bank

One Dollar = 4 Meals!

Collections End Dec. 20

Class Competition

2014 RECAP:

Seniors: $

Juniors: $

Sophomores: $

Freshman: $

Total Meal Count: 45,692.08 Meals!

Aptos High food drive

2016 Food Drive GOALS:

WE WILL RAISE $12,000 or 48,000 MEALS for the HUNGRY!

Please donate any extra cash you have from November 25 -- December 20, 2015 to the following teachers:

12th Grade: Mr. Thomas Whitwam
11th Grade: Ms. Shuntelle Emanuel
10th Grade: Mr. Brian Tumminelli
9th Grade: Mr Antonio Vivo, Ms. Debora Notari, Mr. Sam Edwards, Ms. Stacey Kensinger, Ms. Kerri Barrick, and Ms. Kristen Erickson


Aptos High
Aptos High

Second Harvest Donations

Second Harvest Donations


1) Class Party for WINNING Grade

2) Fun

3) Pride in knowing you helped thousands of hungry locals