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Study Skills

Books in the AHS Library to Help You Study

-The 7 habits of highly effective teens:  Covey, Dean. 158.0 COV          

-Calculus for the utterly confused:  Oman, Robert M.  515 OMA            

-Catch the Spirit:  Perry, Susan. 361.3 PER          

-Exuberance :  Jamison, Kay R.  152.4 JAM          

-The Freedom Writers diary:  Freedom Writers. 305.23 FRE        

-Hassle-free homework : Clark, Faith. 371.3 CLA          

-Help yourself for teens: Pelzer, David J. 158 PEL            

-The hero project: Hatch, Robert. 920 HAT            

-How I learned English: 428.24 MIL        

-How to Study: Fry, Ron 371.3 FRY        

-How to study better and get higher marks: Ehrlich, Eugene H.  371.3 EHR          

-Learning power: Johnson, Cynthia. 371.3 Joh        

-Memory skills: REF 808.06 WOR

-Projects and presentations:  REF 808.06 WOR  

-Reading skills: REF 808.06 WOR    

-Reports and term papers: REF 808.06 WOR    

-Seven days of possibilities: Hartocollis,  Anemona. 372.87 HAR        

-Study skills: REF 808.06 WOR     

-Teaching study skills and strategies :                                
 Strichart, Stephen S. Ref 373.13 Str  

-Test skills: REF 808.06 WOR    

-Where do I put the decimal point?  Ruedy, Elisabeth. 510.71 RUE

Homework Help