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Aptos Community Youth Outreach Program


Our club's goal is to connect The Aptos Community Youth Program's resources and connections to students at AHS. The ACYP is a community based organization in conjunction with Saint Johns Church in Aptos that aims to provide students with a space to thrive and grow. One of my goals as a council member of the ACYP, is to give insight from the eyes of a student to what kids in our community are in need of. We as a program have recently provided academic support to youth in Santa Cruz County. Our goal at the school is to give as many students as possible, a voice in our youth program so that we can effectively provide students with ways to thrive in every direction of life.


  Kerri Barrick (831) 728-7832 ex: 5235 English Teacher (Chair)


President:  Isaac Garcia

Vice-President:  Alejandro Aguillon-Altamirano

Secretary:  Alivia Dapar

Treasurer:  Robert (Mander) Miller