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Youth Activists Club


The Aptos High School Youth Activists Club is a student organization that strives to raise awareness about a variety of issues that we face in the modern day world. We hope to create a feeling of unity, celebrate diversity, help everyone’s story be heard, and leave a positive impact on our ever changing world. It is imperative that we take advantage of this time and shape the world we want to see in our future; and to establish connections and learn how we can make a difference. Again, it is time for the youth of our community to step up and take the lead. Therefore, we establish this club to do our part in changing the world.

We will:
Create a feeling of unity and a safe community
Protest issues safely and peacefully
Educate students about government and voting
Help everyone’s voices to be heard
Create connections
Celebrate diversity


Tuesdays and Fridays 3PM-5PM

Google Join Code:  2z56oda



President: Ellie Christensen

Vice-President: Charlotte Bass

Secretary: Julia Nemec

Treasurer: Ava Otvos