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Mariner Dress Code

Mariner Dress Code

No clothing, attire, jewelry, or accessories will be allowed that detracts from a safe and productive learning environment.


The Dress Code was developed by students, parents, teachers, and administrators for the express purpose of helping to promote and support a safe, peaceful, positive learning environment, free from distractions, for all students.  Students are expected to dress appropriately for school. Standards with regard to cleanliness, modesty, safety, and appropriateness of dress will be maintained.  Students who are inappropriately dressed will not be allowed to attend classes until the situation is remedied. Continual or flagrant violations of the Dress Code will result in after-school detention, in-school suspension, or other disciplinary consequence. If you have any questions regarding the dress code, please contact your student’s assistant principal or the PVUSD Student Services Office. 


The following items/attire are expressly prohibited on campus:


Gang Style Attire

Gang style clothing may vary and change from year to year but specifically attire or articles of clothing commonly held to be related to a gang or gang activity are not permitted.  No clothing or apparel which may intimidate others or provoke others to acts of violence   will   be allowed on campus or at any school related activity (District Policy 4508.31).


Dangerous Objects

Articles of clothing, jewelry, or accessories which could pose a threat to the physical well-being and safety of students or others or disrupt the learning environment are not to be worn on campus.


Inappropriate Attire

Any  item   of  clothing  or  jewelry which depicts or suggests any illegal activity, is  explicitly   sexual,  or  portrays obscene gestures, pictures, logos, insignias or wording, or the use of abuse of drugs or alcohol is not allowed on campus or at any school related activities.  Students wearing clothing that is deemed excessively revealing will be asked to either put something on over the item or will be sent home to change into more appropriate clothing for attending Aptos High School. 


Revised May 10, 2000