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Boo Grams, Aptos HIgh
aptos high


2021 Halloween Events

Buy a Halloween treat for a friend! BOO-Grams are being sold October 22nd - 28th at Lunch in the main quad at ASB in a Box
BOO-Grams are $3 each or two for $5. 

Each BOO-Gram will be delivered to your friend's 5th period class on Friday 10/29 with candy, treats and your special message!


  • ASB Lunchtime Activities:

    • MONDAY 10/25: Paint a pumpkin and do some coloring in the ASB Room E-103. 

    • Tuesday 10/26: Watch Bob's Burgers The Pumpkinening, eat popcorn and candy outside in the E-Quad. 

    • Thursday 10/27: Wrap a mummy, eat a donut on a string and toss some candy in a trick or treat bag in ASB's Halloween relay race. 

    • Friday 10/28: Come strut your stuff for the official Halloween Costume Contest on the catwalk! Prizes will be awarded to a Faculty member, a group costume, and an individual costume! Sign up HERE to enter the costume contest!

Costume 2021 Guidelines

  1. Students who choose to wear costumes that fully cover their eyes or head, may be asked to remove them to identify themselves.

  2. All regular school dress code policies apply including no drugs/alcohol references, violence, or discrimination gender based on ethnicity, race, country of origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc.

  3. No simulated weapons are to be brought on campus.

  4. No enhanced body parts allowed.

  5. No extremely gory or bloody costumes.

  6. Students who wear costumes that do not conform to the costume guidelines listed above will be asked to change their clothing or sent home to acquire an appropriate alternative.

Halloween 2016

Halloween Spirit Week 2021

Monday 10/25: Spooky Colors! Freshman: Black, Sophomores: Green, Juniors: Purple, Seniors: Orange, Staff: all and/or any

Tuesday 10/26: Anything but a Backpack

Wednesday 10/27: Witches, Wizards and Whatever- classic costumes!

Thursday 10/28: Throwback costumes, wear the costumes you wore when you were a kid

Friday 10/29: Halloween costumes


Dia de Los Muertos- TUESday November 2nd.
Dia de Los Muertos