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Athletic Information

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Letter from Athletic Director

Date: July 21, 2021


Dear Mariner Students and Families,

I hope this letter finds you well and is able to provide the most pertinent information in regards to resuming in-person athletics.

It is the mission of the Athletic Department at AHS to provide each student with an opportunity to participate in a quality athletic program.  The Athletic Department is committed to supporting all school athletic programs and encourages students to participate in more than one sport.

Each program will provide students with a unique opportunity to engage in competitive endeavors and develop athletic skills.  Each program fosters honesty, determination, preparedness, self-control, team work, and academic excellence.  Each program is supervised and conducted within the framework of the school system by specially trained and certified coaches.  Coaches’ primary focus is to support the development of young people in becoming positive and successful adults.

Participation in extracurricular athletics is not a right, it is a privilege afforded to students who qualify under established eligibility rules and who adhere to the Aptos High School rules and those of the team on which they are participating.   Athletes will also be asked to spend many hours outside of the school day to achieve the skill level necessary to successfully compete in athletics at the interscholastic level.  

Athletes must follow the guidelines in the PVUSD Student-Athlete and Parent Handbook.  The handbook and other athletic related information can be found at: Aptos High School Athletics. You can also see the Athletic Director or team coach for additional information. 


*****Unfortunately, this year we will not have our Physical Exam Night on campus until the end of the year in May, which means, if your student is an incoming 9th grader, or has not received a physical exam in the last 12 months, you will need to see your family physician or visit a satellite clinic (i.e. Dr. on Duty) for a check up. Please see link below for information on how to sign your student up online for athletics. Physicals from last year are still on file for all athletes who participated in a sport. 


Please click here for Required Athletic Paperwork and online instructions

AHS Required Athletic Paperwork and Online Sign-up

In order to participate in after-school athletics, each student-athlete must turn-in eight forms. These forms should be filled out and docu-signed online at (see link below for instructions)

  1. Agreement for Team Participation

  2. Agreement for Parent Support

  3. Sports Physical Form

  4. Emergency Consent to Treat Form

  5. Concussion and Head Injury Information Sheet

  6. Sudden Cardiac Arrest Form

  7. Social Media Contract for Student-Athletes

  8. Student Personal Automobile Use Form (if applicable)

Please note that you only have to turn-in the complete set of forms once each school year. In other words, if your son or daughter does multiple sports, they only have to turn-in the forms once. However, each school year, all the forms must be re-submitted.

Please also note that each individual sport might have additional forms that require your signatures.

Please click here for Required Athletic Paperwork and online instructions

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

In order to participate:

  • Have passed a minimum of 25 semester units and achieve a 2.0 or higher grade point average.

  • If you are taking a college course, the course must earn a minimum of 1.5 college units to be used in eligibility calculations

  • Be under 19 years of age prior to September 1

  • Have reached the 9th grade

  • Participate in no more than four seasons of the same sport after enrolling in the 9th grade

  • Follow any applicable transfer rules as established by CCS/CIF

  • Maintain amateur standing

  • Not have participate in any tryout for a professional team

  • Completed all forms required by the PVUSD Student-Athlete and Parent Handbook on the Aptos High School Athletics webpage. You can also see the Athletic Director or team coach for additional information. 


Kind regards,

Travis Fox

Aptos High School

Athletic Director 

office: (831) 728-7832 ext. 5201