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Suspension Diversion

Suspension Diversion at AHS

Program Goal:

  • Create a safer educational and social emotional environment at Aptos High School.
  • Respond to feedback Aptos High School Community members, stakeholders, and findings made by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • Reduce the number of drug or alcohol related suspensions/expulsions and lower the existing recidivism rate by offering a more comprehensive program designed to promote academic and social emotional success and reconnect the student to school using various available resources.

Philosophy of Suspension Diversion:

While traditional suspension takes students away from the academic setting and creates opportunities for the loss of academic progress and isolation, the intent of Suspension Diversion (SD) is to provide a sheltered environment with a therapeutic overtone to be utilized to encourage students to maintain academic progress by meeting with staff and instructors as needed.  This alternative (SD) would avoid the loss of valuable academic time and opportunity as well as loss of valuable ADA funding for the district.  As part of SD, students are also allowed to attend school and maintain a connection t an academic setting.  Though students participating in the SD program have extremely limited access to peers, they maintain full access to academic and social/emotional support including instructors, guidance counselors, case managers and administrators.  Furthermore, the services of PVPSA counselors are and The Seven Challenges Program, an evidence based program focusing on helping students to develop their ability to make choices that are a benefit to their lives, are integrated into the program.


Program Overview:

  • A one day out of school, plus 3 day in-house suspensions in lieu of traditional suspension of up to 5 days (student/parents given choice between SD or 5 day in-home suspension) for students that are under the influence and/or in possession of alcohol or controlled substances.  See "Attachment A" for options and absence policy.
  • Mandatory follow-up with monthly closed group meetings managed by PVPSA staff; offered after school at AHS.
  • Supported by Assistant Principal(s) in charge of Safety and Student Services.
  • Staffed with a teacher who is familiar with school's physical layout, general policies, staff, and accepting of Suspension Diversion's ideology.
  • Visits by student's academic guidance counselor, PVPSA counseling staff, administration, case manager and other staff members as needed.
  • Personalized goal setting (academic, athletic, extra-curricular, social/emotional).
  • Opportunity for discussion, reflection, and self- monitoring.